Schedules correspond to the time of Ecuador (GMT -5)


Advanced and High-Perfomance Computing Trends in Latin America

• Dr. Pablo Guillén (Senior Data Scientist Biomedical and Energy Solutions, LLC)
• Dr. Prof Maria Pantoja (CalPoly)
• Eng. Pablo J. Rojas (SC3UIS/CAGE)
• Dr. Esteban Hernández (AWS and Cybercolombia Initiative)

  Invited talk: Pedro Silva (NVIDIA)
  Sesion 1
  • Alvaro Coutinho (Brazil)
  • Hugo Porras (Peru)
  • Francisco Martinez (Colombia)

Sesion 2
• Ronny Cabrera (Ecuador)
• Adriana Lara (Mexico)
• Jose Esquicha Quejada (Peru)
• Alejandro Nuñez Arroyo (Bolivia)

  • Ulises Cortes (BSC-CNS,Spain)
  • Luis E. Cadenas (RedCLARA)
  • Carlos J. Barrios (SCALAC/SC3UIS, Colombia)
  • Dr. Mateo Valero (BSC-CNS, Spain)
  • Dr. Rafael Mayo Garcia (CIEMAT, Spain)
  • Prof. Dr. Luis Nunez de Villavicencio (GIRCUIS, Colombia)

• Prof. Dr. Phillipe Navaux (UFRGS, Brazil)
• Prof. Dr. Fredëric Lemöuel
• Oscar Carrillo (CITILAB, France)
• Prof. Dr. Isidoro Gitler (CINVESTAV-ABACUS, México)
• Dr. Ulises Cortes (BSC-CNS, Spain)


This year the Latin America High Performance Computing Conference (CARLA 2020) will be virtual from Cuenca from September 2 to September 4 2020, in collocation with TICAL 2020.